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Welcome to LivingChicMom.com!!! I am Angelique Campbell…you may have seen me on TLC’s Extreme Couponing or Rachael Ray. I am a mommy of 4 kids and a wife to an amazing husband! Come join me in the adventure of saving money and maintaining life on a budget!!!

I started couponing in 2009, after witnessing another “extreme couponer” in action. I knew after watching her leave the store with several bags of toiletries and paying nothing for them, that couponing was something I HAD to learn how to do. I went out the next day and bought my binder and baseball card sheets and begin filling them with any coupons I could get my hands on. It took some time of course to get the coupons I would read about for deals or match-ups. Sometimes I would get frustrated that I didn’t have the coupons to make the “deals” work, but after a few months I was activity “playing the game” and winning if you ask me!

I have been featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing (3 times), Rachael Ray and Kansas City LIVE. I enjoy speaking or teaching couponing whenever I can. Recently I have spoken for several different MOPS mom groups, Women’s conferences, church’s and even private in home classes.

I do have a stockpile. I keep enough individual products to support my family for approximately a year.  Anything more than that I donate to local charities, friends and family, which is one of my favorite parts of couponing! Donating is so important to me and my family, because I feel like it is important for my children to learn how to be givers.

Currently I blog full time, coach gymnastics part time and coupon whenever I can find some time.  As a mom of four, a wife and a gymnastics coach, couponing sometimes feels like another job. But to be honest it’s an extremely rewarding “job”! Being able to almost completely eliminate our monthly grocery and household budget, has allowed us to be able to get out of debt and provide for our children.

Couponing is not just a hobby, its a way of life and a way to help family, friends and the community in this tough economy.


I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send your ideas, deals, tips or whatever else this direction. I do read EVERY email, and enjoy hearing from all my readers (even if it’s just a little brag moment…we all need to brag about great deals to someone)!!!