Where to Donate

I spent many of my early years struggling and depending on local charities. I have made it my personal vendetta to give back! Here are some ways you can also help out in your local community.

National Charities:

Salvation Army:
Click on Ways To Donate and there are several ways you can help out in your local community!

American Red Cross:
You can also Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10

National Children’s Center: If you live in Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore or District Columbia you can schedule for pick up!

Seattle Local Charities:

Seattle Children’s Hospital: They except money, stock, personal items and of course toys!!!

Dress for Success: This is a great way to donate some of those free clothing items you find that you don’t want or need!

West Seattle Food Bank: There are several different food banks all over the Seattle area Click HERE for more Washington State Food Bank locations.

Hannah’s House: This is a local Woman’s Shelter for pregnant woman.

Seattle Humane Society: This is a great place to donate some of that free cat and dog food we come across often!

Last but not least….Donate Your Expired Coupons to the Troops!!

If you’re like me, you love coupons and get so sad when you see them expire :( Well you don’t have to just throw your “gold” in the trash! Donate them to the troops!!!

If you have manufacturer coupons and would like to donate them, check out the Overseas Coupon Project website.  You’ll need to sort them into two categories:  “food” and “non-food.”  These coupons will be distributed to military and their families to use at military commissary stores.  Donated coupons can be expired up to TWO MONTHS!!!  Actually, they’ll take them 6 months or more, but you have to figure time in for shipping so 2 months is their rule of thumb.

Here’s how to donate:

1. Click this link: Overseas Coupon Project and click “Base List” to find a military base to adopt, then click “Adoption Form” to apply

2. Clip & sort your coupons into two categories:  “food” and “non food”, place them into two baggies, and put them into an envelope.

3. Send your coupons to our heroes overseas.

Items to note:
CUSTOMS: Since they’ll be going overseas you’ll need to fill out a customs form 2976-A.  It’s not complicated, and you can print the form on the USPS.gov website.  If you have questions on how to fill out a customs form your post office can help you or you can call 1-800-ASK-USPS.  Here’s a quick reference on how to fill it out: From, To, 1 = Manufacturer’s Coupons, 2 = Pkg, 4 = $0.00, 5 = Gift, 9 = $0.00, 10 = Return to Sender, 13 = sign & date

COSTS: You will have to pay the cost of shipping so keep that in mind. (Unless you are able to drop them off at your local VFW post).