Beginners Tips

How I got started

I have always been very frugal. Growing up very poor I was taught at an early age to value the worth of every dollar. Even as a child I only ever shopped thrift stores, garage sales and the clearance aisles. As I grew older I learned very quickly how to only buy food if it was on sale…and if a coupon was near or on the product I was sure to use it. But it wasn’t until November of 2009 that I started to truly “coupon”. I was out doing my Black Friday shopping…it was around 2 am and I was standing outside in the 20 degree freezing weather waiting for Old Navy to open its doors….my girlfriend who was there with me mentioned she was going to get a Starbucks and stop by Walgreens. I decided I wasn’t that worried about getting the door prize for being the first person in line (which I was) and went with her to warm up. It was that very night that I experienced “couponing” at its greatest! She got over $100 in products (all which I used regularly) for FREE and even made a little money! I knew from that moment on I NEEDED to figure this thing out!

Best couponing tip

Don’t try to do this on your own. Couponing can be difficult…but there are bloggers out there that do all the dirty work…they search out all the deals, coupons and match ups…and break it down for you! All you need to do is follow what they say to do…gather up those coupons and do the shopping! With that in mind, be cautious of the blogger you are following…you want to make sure that they are knowledgeable of the current coupon policies and are not advising you to commit coupon fraud.

Best advice for getting started

The best advice I can give anyone is to be patient. Be patient with cashiers who many times don’t know the rules to coupons or their own stores policies…and be patient with the learning process as it does take time to learn and mistakes will happen (don’t let a few mistakes get you down)

Where to find coupons

I personal rely probably 90% on printable coupons! I do buy a couple of newspapers each week…however I feel like printable coupons, savings card coupons and smart phone apps are the best value coupons out there. Plus with all these new phone apps (Ibotta) and savings card club coupons (like Cellfire and SavingStar) you can double and triple stack your coupons to score the best deals possible!

PS… don’t forget about shopping online…Amazon rocks for great deals on paper and baby products! And ShopAtHome and Ebates offer rewards for shopping online on top of store promo codes and promotions!!! 

My biggest coupon score

My biggest score was definitely the Extreme Couponing trip I did on Season One at Fred Meyer. I purchased $2500+ for a grand total of $0 and I left with $58.14 in FREE gift cards and over $200 in catalina coupons good for gift card purchases (which I used to buy several different types of gift cards for our family) and then I also got back $50 in rebates! For a grand total of FREE plus $308.14 profit!!! And yes everything I did was totally legit…legal and I did not break or bend any rules within the coupons wording or the store policies! I just worked hard and scored big!!!!

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